The Top Five Advantages of Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows are perhaps the most versatile, functional, and aesthetically pleasing of all contemporary window types. Having been standard in Europe for some time now, the popularity of Tilt and Turn windows is increasing across America.

In addition to being very elegant, they’re very versatile windows. They feature a hinge mechanism which allows them to be opened two ways: turned inwards, like a casement window, or tilted so that the top of the window is angled into the room. The tilt option provides an opening for ventilation and also has the added benefit of increased airtightness and security.

Before we look at their unique benefits, we’ll quickly explain exactly how they work.

How Tilt and Turn Windows Work

Equipped with profile cylinders, Tilt and Turn windows have a free-wheel function integrated into their handles. This allows them to move seamlessly between the closed and tilt positions. In its closed position, pointing south, the handle has a 180-degree range of movement. At 90 degrees, the ‘turn’ position, the window can be opened inward, like a casement window. At 180 degrees, or facing upward, the window is in its tilt position, which means simply tilts inwards. Now, let’s see what this means for your home.

‘Tilt’ (left) and ‘Turn’ (right).

1 Optimum Window Ventilation

One of the biggest benefits of Tilt and Turn windows are the varied types of ventilation possible. As mentioned above, with Sliding or Double-Hung windows you lack the precision and control which Tilt and Turn windows provide. With two different ways of opening—tilting and turning—you can determine just how much air enters your home, helping you to cut down on energy costs. Another excellent benefit of these windows is that in the ’tilt’ position, cool air can enter your home, but rain cannot.

2 Airtight and Energy Efficient

Tilt and Turn windows are an incredible 10-30 times more airtight than standard double hung windows found in most American homes. Excellent design, robust locking points, and more efficient air seals prevent air and water infiltrating your home. This minimizes potential or unexpected damage associated with wind or rain. Airtight windows also help reduce unwanted heat loss and complement the performance of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This means that your home will be significantly more energy efficient. These windows make an excellent choice where energy consumption is a concern, and a perfect choice for passive houses.

3 Excellent Soundproofing

Soundproofing is one of the most important (and often neglected) aspects of window design. Because sound travels through the air, it is important to get windows which will form an effective barrier against sound coming into your home.

Due to increased airtightness and the possibility to use triple-glazed panels, this window system often have much better soundproofing. For reference, with the correct component configuration, sound attenuation comparable to a concrete wall can be achieved with these windows.

3 Maximum Security

Tilt and Turn windows have a multi-point locking system. This means that there are multiple locking point situated within the frame. While this allows for the windows to be locked in the ’tilt’ and ‘turn’ positions, the robust internal mechanism affords the window greater security. These features significantly decrease the chances of a burglar breaking into your home via your windows.

With greater security comes greater possibilities. Because of these additional locking mechanisms, it is much easier to create more secure, oversized Tilt and Turn windows. Unlike Sliding or Double Hung windows, Tilt and Turn windows manage to be secure AND provide maximum ventilation.

4 Make The Most of Natural Light with Oversized Units

Due to their above average load-bearing capacity, Tilt and Turn windows work exceptionally well as oversized units. Thanks to their design, the windows can withstand up to an unbelievable 550lb in the ’tilt’ position. Most other systems are simply unable to handle comparable loads and so must be made at standard sizes. Anything more could compromise their structural integrity.

Oversized window units can add a dramatic effect to your home’s facade. Some of the many benefits of oversized window units include unobstructed views, maximized natural light as well as added solar heat gain. With more glass on display, your home will naturally benefit from the sun’s rays.

5 Maintenance

Tilt and Turn windows are also easier to maintain than most other window types. By opening and tilting inwards, Tilt and Turn windows can be cleaned much more easily and safely than other windows. and much more safely than other windows.

Because they often lack a partition in the center, the unbroken surface area makes it easier to clean the panes. No need to risk to climbing up on a ladder or paying a small fortune for a window-cleaner.

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